Matching our Thoughts on Inspirations and Motivations

Matching our Thoughts on Inspirations and Motivations

Our Thoughts on Inspirations and Motivations

Inspirations and Motivations are an integral part of our life, without which life will become impossible to live. Inspirations and Motivations are a necessity most importantly to make progress or evolve in life. Hence very firstly let us understand what do they actually mean and understand the difference between them. We will also look into some aspects of them and few ways of achieving Inspirations and Motivations.

What does it mean?

Definition of ‘inspiration’

Inspired Peoples from Inspirations & Motivations
Inspired peoples achieve their Goals

Inspiration is defined as an internal force which makes an individual feel enthusiastic towards doing something.


Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm we get from someone or something, which gives you new and creative ideas.


Someone or something that gives us ideas for doing something.

The word “inspiration” comes from the late Latin word “inspirare” which means “in spirit” or “divine guidance”.

For Example

  1. Someone or something that gives us ideas for doing something
  2. My inspirations come from people’s like you.

Definition of ‘motivation’ 

Motivation is defined as an external force which makes an individual act towards achieving a goal. (OR) Reason or Reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

The word “motivation” comes from the Latin word “movere”, which means move.

For Example:

  1. Our motivation for doing something is what causes us to want to do it.
  2. Escape from routine life can be a strong motivation for travel.

Human motives are based on needs, whether consciously felt or not, like primary needs such as the physiological needs of water, air, food, sleep, and shelter.

What is the difference?

As we move along the path of life we are inspired and motivated to do things. Thereby achieving our objectives, goals, and desires.

To get more clarity on this I will quote a short story from my own life.

This is from the years when I had just completed my Diploma in Computer Programming and was searching for a job. I was a topper and the best in programming in the institute because of which 2 friends approached and motivated me to join them in a Software Consultancy Business. I spoke about the same to my family and other friends but they were of a different opinion. They advised me to first have proper industry experience and then start with a business. But I had thoughts of stories of my forefathers who were very successful businessmen of their time. Inspired by them I decided to join the business.

Difference between Inspirations and Motivations

By the above story, it is clear that there is a big difference between inspirations & motivations.

  1. My friends motivated me to join the business.
  2. The stories of my forefathers inspired me to join the business.

On reading the above sentences we can understand the difference between the two words clearly. Inspiration comes from inside. Where else motivation comes from external forces in this case from friends.

Does -ve inspiration exists?

Everything in this world has two sides +ve and -ve. In the same way, Inspirations also has a +ve and a -ve side. Most of us like to stick to the +ve one. This majorly depends on what influences us the most besides that it directly depends on the surroundings and most importantly on the company in which we keep ourselves.

What’s required to keep Inspirations & Motivations On?

There are hundreds of ways & methods to keep our Inspirations & Motivations going. There are long and short methods for achieving this and surprisingly the short ones, appropriately called life hacks are more effective. Sounds silly, isn’t it? but it is True and if you allow, I will prove it to you.

Below are a few methods to achieve this:


Early Morning Exercise

Doing regular exercise in the Morning for an Hour keeps our Body & Mind fit.

  1. Best Outdoor Exercises
  2. Best Indoor Exercises

We have done a detailed study of Outdoor & Indoor Exercises. Click on the links above for details.

To learn more about living Healthy please visit


Early Morning Meditation

This will give a perfect mind with a healthy body and with double the potential and creativity.

  1. The best way of Meditation


This can be done in many ways, it’s a real life hack. If done with complete belief and dedication will do wonders in your life, besides that, either morning exercise or Meditation should be done on a regular basis to keep fit and healthy and keep up our inspirations & motivations.

  1. Best ways of re-programming our Mind

What Inspires us?

This depends on each individual, different people get inspirations from different things or peoples. Like many peoples get Inspirations from their parents, therefore, they play a dual role, one of an Inspirer and besides that of a most effective Motivators. Many get their dose of inspiration from great peoples and besides that from books. Some people have movie stars for their inspirations and the list goes on.

What Keeps you Motivated?

The people around us most importantly our parents, relatives, and friends are most often the most effective motivators and besides that in the office, our boss. The key here is to be self-motivated, and that can be achieved only by working towards our goals.

Inspirations and Motivations by Coaches.

Many times in our life while pursuing our goals because of many reasons we get demotivated and leave chasing them, ultimately leading to a failure. In such times these coaches can play a very vital role.

The Role of these Coaches is to assess you based on your skills, personality, nature, goal & passion with various tools. Then based on the assessments, from time to time, keep our Inspirations and Motivations high by organizing sessions with us. These coaches job is to keep on boosting up our spirits most importantly when we feel down. These coaches bring you on track and in spirit and make sure that you achieve your goal. Such coaches can be peoples around you from your family or a friend or a professional whom you can hire.

For more information on professional coaches please click here and subscribe or send an e-mail to and we will get in touch with you.

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